Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet Peas/Memory Quilts

One of the lovely things about Sweet Peas is what we can learn from each other as we share our latest projects.

I spent quite a bit of time during April writing about a memory quilt I was making.

When I shared the result with our Sweet Pea group, Debbie was very interested in how it had all come together.

She had been given some baby garments and asked to do something like this but was not sure how.

Once she saw that I had put fusible interfacing on the back of stretch knit fabric to give stability she was off and away.

I think she has been far more adventurous than me with her projects.

She has even sewn the remains of a soft favourite toy into the bottom row second from the right.

This quilt includes the original pieces Debbie was given.

They are for a little boy named, Patrick.

Note the inclusion of a pair of baby booties towards the top left.

Bottom right has a pocket with a favourite toy stuffed inside.

Debbie also included a few items in the quilt that had poppers and could be opened.

Patrick's Mum thought that some photos behind the poppers would add some interest.

I put the photos on to fabric and backed them with fusible webbing so that Debbie can secure them in place.

Great extra touch, Debbie.


Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Morning to you, This memory quilt is so lovely, with so many extra touches, such as the little toy, the babies booties and the is absolutely gorgeous.
Thank you so much for showing this quilt, it is one I will remember.
Have a lovely weekend.
Best Wishes

Nancy said...

So many fun things included on this adorable quilt.

FredaB said...

How precious this will be for the mother to keep. Debbie did a reat job but couldn't have done it without a great teacher. Good going Linda.


FredaB said...

I really meant Peggy but I am sure Linda was in there somewhere.

Embarrassed FredaB