Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Scrappy Dilemma

When does a scrap become scrappy enough to throw away?

Recently Linda cleaned out our hall cupboard.  

Part of the process revealed a lot of batting scraps that needed to be sorted out.  Some of them were big enough for me to piece together for future quilts.

We had some wool batting scraps too small for this but somehow I did not want to throw them out.

Then the hottie cover project came along and I was able to use some of the smaller pieces for the covers.

Resulting from this exercise I had smaller scraps but I still could not face parting with them and today I embarked on a much smaller project - making some cloth baby booties.  Absolutely ideal to use some wool batting for these.

As I cut out the pattern pieces I actually discarded the offcuts into the waste bin.  The scraps had finally become small enough to discard.

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Nancy said...

I'd say that you used every bit of the batting that you possibly could - nice job.