Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Hottie Project

A group of New Zealand blogging ladies are getting together to raise interest in making hot water bottle covers for the children of Christchurch for this winter.

It has been three years since earthquakes ravaged our southern city and many, many families still live in appalling conditions as we face more chilly weather this winter.

My mother was a huge hot water bottle fan and loved to have one on her knees regardless of the season.

Linda and I made quite a stack of covers for her and feel quite familiar with a project like this.

Today we have been cutting and making and these two cats are just a sneak preview of some of the ideas we have come up with to make some bright and cheery covers to be sent.

If you can help in anyway you can follow the suggestions on their link.

We are going to be sharing this project idea with our Sweet Pea ladies this week and hope that, with a joint effort, we can all help towards making lots and lots of hot water bottle covers for the children of Christchurch.


Mystic Quilter said...

what a great idea Peggy

Shay said...

A very worthy cause.

BigLittle said...

Hi Peggy, Thanks so much for taking part in the project! These little kitty cats look incredibly sweet, I'm sure they will be dearly loved :)

I would love you to link this post up on the project page... to help inspire others.

Many thanks, Lisa xx

Cat said...

Looking forward to seeing what you and Linda come up with !!
3 cheers for Sweat Peas