Friday, June 14, 2013

One down, two to go

I set out to make three hot water bottle covers today.  My ambitions were greater than my abilities.  I have completed this one and have a twin to this one to complete.

I made some progress on this one with a Sesame Street print.  I bought this fabric for another project some years ago and was disappointed at the time with the quantity and quality of the item.

Although I did not use it I somehow could not part with it and so finally I found a use for it today.

I will return to the drawing board tomorrow in the hope of completing covers two and three.

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BigLittle said...

These covers are so fun! As a quilter - did you see Adrienne's post on how to make a quilted hottie cover? It is here:

Nancy said...

Great use for the inferior quality fabric. I make drawstring bags for charities out of mine.

Shay said...

Any day you finish anything is a good one in my book. Love the cute covers !