Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cats and bed making

I don't think Kaiser ever misses the opportunity to 'assist' with bed making.

He seems to have a sixth sense about what is going on and loves to be with you right through the process, even if it does mean he gets buried under the bedding.

In the end he found himself tucked in at the foot of my bed with the sun from the window just touching the tip of his nose.  Perfection as far as a cat is concerned, I am sure.

On this occasion I decided to put a different quilt across the end of my bed.

I bought this quilt at a garage sale in Sydney a number of years ago.

Even then it had seen better days but it had a charm about it I could not resist.

It needs to be folded to hide the parts that are perishing but it is still worth exposing the really good pieces of applique.

White backgrounds to quilts is usually more associated with modern quilts but part of the charm of this vintage quilt is the white background.  Everything old is new again, or so it would seem.

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Shay said...

Your antique applique is lovely Peggy. Any thoughts of restoring it at some point?