Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Love those triangles

Triangular pieces in all shapes and sizes form an integral part of many quilt patterns.

Sometimes in the process of making quilting blocks I end up with small triangle off cuts.

I have to confess I find it very hard to part with these pieces, especially if there is a whole batch of them in the same colour.

The blocks to the left are the result of left over triangles from quilt projects.

I just need to trim the rabbits ears and square them up for a scrappy project that is yet to happen.

Our Sweet Pea sewing group is in the midst of making a secret project for one of our members.

When I made my block for this project I ended up with 8 pink and 8 cream triangles which were too pretty to part with (in my opinion).

I pieced them together to make 2 pin wheel blocks,  joined them together, stuffed them, and made a cute little pincushion, 4 inches square.

Just my way, I guess, of justifying keeping those little triangle shapes - oh dear.


Nancy said...

Waste not; want not.

Great things can be made with the "waste" triangles. Love the pincushion.

Shay said...

I admire your use of the left over tiny triangles. I usually chuck those !

margaret said...

good to see those little triangles become something useful, like you i save mine but unlike you have not done anything with them yet! Still building up a stash of scraps