Thursday, May 22, 2014

Round and round again

When I was busy making half square triangles to make up into Round and Round blocks I had a request come in for a baby quilt.

Last year I had a similar request.  My son asked if I could make a quilt for a friend who was having a baby.  They were acquainted through playing basketball and he asked that the quilt be made in team quilts - black, orange and white.

You can take a peek at the original one here.

The latest request was for the same team colours but in a different design.

How appropriate that I was working on the Round and Round pattern.  It occurred to me that I could make just the one block, add a border and cornerstones and so another baby quilt has taken shape.

The baby is due before the end of the month so machine quilting has begun.


Nancy said...

It's adorable. The block makes a perfect baby quilt. Nicely done!

Vicki said...

great quilt and pattern! That will be one lucky baby.

Shay said...

Brilliant. Dont you love a quilt that comes together so quickly!

Is it for a boy or a girl?