Sunday, February 12, 2017

Something special

 When we heard that the mother of a good friend of ours had passed away, Linda asked if she would like us to make a memory quilt using fabric from some of her mother's clothes.

Lesley Anne had to be very patient once she gave us the clothing as I pondered which garments might be suitable and what pattern to use to show them off.

The pink fabric featured in the inner border and corners was cotton but all the others were stretch fabric so stabilisation was required.

Another good friend of ours, Trish, had lent us a pattern of hers which featured ladies dresses and so, in the end, this is the result.

One example of what the dresses look like.

I tried to use features within the fabric where ever I could.  In this one I used the bolder white stripes as a highlight within the skirt.

This was one of the stripey stretch fabrics I used in a number of ways in the different dresses.

We had some fun sewing theme fabric that would have been from her mother's era that we used as backing for the quilt.

A bit of cream binding and some of Linda's lovely quilting to finish it and we were finally able to present Lesley Anne with her long awaited quilt.


Tired Teacher said...

What a lovely memory quilt - it's a treasure! So kind of you and Linda to make this piece for your friend. She will cherish it.

Jenny said...

Such a lovely idea - beautifully pieced by you and set off by Linda's wonderful quilting. Your friend must have been thrilled indeed.

Marlene said...

This is such a wonderful pattern for a memory quilt. You have both done a great job with this and I'm sure it will be treasured.