Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Down Memory Lane

After travelling from Melbourne to Sydney we were reunited with other family members.

The Seattle White family, David, Lisa and Jackson were already in an Airbnb in Pyrmont and it was so good to be with them again.

When I went to live in Sydney when I was 21 I used to catch a ferry from Mosman into Circular Quay as my main means of getting to and from work.

I never got tired of this method of transport and so I was looking forward to catching the ferry to Manly so that I could see those familiar sites - the Opera House,

The Sydney Harbour Bridge (along with a lot of others showing an interest too) -

The ever changing skyline of the city -

And then, Manly Beach.

To think it can be so crowded in summer but there we were on cool spring like morning and hardly a soul in view.

A walk along the Manly Corso and a refreshing drink at one of seaside restaurants and all was well with the world.


Tired Teacher said...

It's so beautiful. It is great fun to visit familiar places from the past, and I'm glad you had the opportunity.

Jenny said...

Hello Sydney! We will be there for several days after the completion of the Indian Pacific train trip.