Thursday, August 22, 2019

Time for a cup of tea?

Son, David, had heard that George Street, Sydney had been closed to traffic and thought that a walk the length from Town Hall Station to Circular Quay would be a great idea.

We really enjoyed the outing.

We stopped for breakfast in the lovely, old Queen Victoria Building and what a lovely surprise to see grandson, Jackson, order a pot of tea - and he drank it all.

The crockery was mismatched but lovely fine china nevertheless.

Dymocks Bookstore presented another trip down memory lane.  They have a mezzanine cafe and our mother thought it was a bit like heaven, being able to stop and have something to eat and drink while in a book store.  She was an avid reader.

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Tired Teacher said...

Your outing sounds wonderful, especially with a break for a pot of tea. Enjoy your family time.