Friday, August 09, 2019

Happy with scraps

 It’s a wee while since a friend of ours went on a caravan adventure with her husband.

Part of the adventure was saying goodbye to some of her possessions and would we like 2 trash bags full of quilting fabrics.

We never pass on an opportunity like this and we had a lot of fun going through everything that was there.

Some pieces were quite substantial yardage but in the midst I found a whole lot of pre cut 2" squares in blue and white.  Some were stitched into 4 patches but a lot were not.

When we do harvesting of scraps we only go down to 2.5" so these small pieces of fabric presented a little challenge for me.

I ended up making some into 9 patch blocks and some into snowball blocks which turned out to a fun combination.

Linda completed the quilt with some lovely machine quilting and so now we have this quilt hanging in or guest bedroom.

Amazing what you can do with some 2" scrappy pieces.

Thank you, Fiona, for sharing your fabric with us.


Tired Teacher said...

What a lovely quilt! I've always wanted to make a blue, yellow, and white quilt for Spring/Summer decorating. The smalllest bits that I typically use are 2.5 inches.

Jenny said...

Hello, lovely to see you blogging again. I can't cope with itty bitty pieces of fabric either, and you did very well using those 2 inch squares. It must have been just like Christmas going through those bags of donated scraps.