Friday, August 16, 2019

On our way - again

It is 4 years ago since we embarked on an overseas trip and chose cabin baggage for our travels.

We have found this works for us with great success.

Great shopping restraint.  If it can’t fit into our cabin baggage then we won’t be buying.

That said, there is always the option to post a parcel home if something just has to be had, but on the whole we manage.

We have been known to exit a garment or two and replace them with new ones along the way.

This trip will include catching up with family, a wedding in New South Wales, Australia and a little bit of travel into Yorkshire and Wales - a few places in England we have always wanted to go to but not made it until this time around.

A house sitter has been ‘installed’ and we already have positive reports that the cats have adjusted to having someone new in charge.

Today we fly to Melbourne and after a weekend there with our brother and partner we will head up to Sydney to catch up with three of my sons and their spouses.


Sue said...

So excited to be catching up. ��

Tired Teacher said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Jenny said...

How wonderful, have a great trip! Don't think I could just travel with a small cabin bag though. You obviously are great planners!