Monday, May 23, 2011

A candid view of a Rio wedding

We made it to Rio and we made it to Aaron's wedding.

My photography on tbe day was not that good but I will share with you some candid shots of the big day.

Aaron gathered at the church with his seven groomsman:-

The bride's Dad was patiently waiting:-

As well as the bride's mother, bride's bouquet in hand:-

David and Lisa were pariently waiting too:-

The service was an hour late getting under way but finally the bride did arrive:-

The wedding finally got under way:-

My photography was not too good but three professional photographers were there to make up for that:-

I did not get an image of all of the bridesmaids together but this is of Daniellee, a friend of Marcele's who did her hair and make up:-

The flowers at each table at the reception were truly lovely:-

The cake was lovely too:-

Even if the centrepiece was somewhat unusual to my way of thinking.

The catering was excellent and for after treats this table had a massive display of sweets all beautifully packaged. Amazingly it all disappeared very quickly:-

Congratulations to Aaron and Marcele for a wonderful wedding day:-

It has been worth every minute. My thanks to David and Lisa for all of their input and for being an essential part of my being here. I could not have done it without you.

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