Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is This the Next Rudolph Valentino?

When you have finished swimming in the pool, you just have to dress up, don't you?:-

When Jackson came to visit with us in New Zealand when he as three we made pikelets (or pancakes as we call them here in Texas) together and it was something that has never been forgotten.

Yesterday, before I had finished my morning ritual in the bathroom, there as a tap tap at the door and there was Jackson, wanting to know if Nana could come and make pancakes for breakfast.

Bathroom routine was speeded up somewhat for the more pressing challenge of the day. Jackson now has more dexterity in the mixing process which was good to see. He just loves being involved in the making of the pancakes and so pancakes it was for breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear pikelets are still popular. I want some for breakfast too! I'll have to look in the freezer.

I think I can see a budding movie star.