Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Rio For a Special Occasion

Two days ago, David, Lisa and I arrived in Brazil. The reason, to attend the wedding of my oldest son, Aaron.

He has found a lovely Brazilian maiden and we have arrived a week ahead of the wedding to do a few touristy things and to meet and get to know the bride's family.

All credit to them, they know some English, and have been excelling themselves in trying to communicate with us. Far better than me and my total lack of speaking Portuguese.

Aaron's fiancee is doing her best to talk to us and it has been amazing to me to see Aaron speak in their language. When he arrived in Brazil, the first thing he did was enroll in a language school and it was one of the best things he could have done.

The wedding is on Saturday and then they fly to Sydney the following week for a second ceremony with friends and family.

Following that they will visit with us in New Zealand, spend some time in Australia, catching up with friends and then on to London and back to the reality of work.

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