Sunday, May 08, 2011

Goodbye to Taupo - for now..........

Last autumn I used enjoy looking at this tree at the end of our street.

The way it is situated with the low stone wall and the fallen
leaves I found very appealing.

In spite of the enjoyment I never quite got around to taking pictures.

This year we have had a severe storm recently and a lot of the trees in our neighbourhood have already shed more leaves than usual, including this one.

Even so, with less leaves, it is still a pretty sight.

I will be away from Taupo for three weeks, travelling to Dallas and then on to Rio de Janeiro and I know that by the time I return all signs of the beautiful autumn colour and leaves will be gone.

I am glad to have captured the moment today.

It will be great to be away for this time but I will miss my family, home and the lovely location we live in.

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