Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our last day in Rio

It was probably the warmest of all the days in Rio and we decided to go to Ipanema.

Brazilian art seems to have a style of its own and this bull statue was no exception. Love hearts and images of the Statue of Christ interspersed?:-

As it turned out we did not get to see too much of the famous beach but we did get a bit of an overview of a totally different part of Rio and it was good that we had the opportunity to do so.

Lisa's iPhone had proved invaluable on our travels, providing our main means of communication, not only with phone calls and text messaging but also as a language translator.

Latterly she discovered a GPS that was able to lead us to a very nice restaurant called Bazzar where we shared our last and very nice feast of Brazilian fare.

While we were at lunch Aaron rang and said that Marcele's family would like to see us once more before we left so after we finished eating we made our way to their apartment and enjoyed a leisurely couple of hours with the newlyweds and family.

From there a couple of more taxi rides and finally the airport and our flight back to Dallas.

Bye, bye Rio - what a wonderful opportunity and experience.

I would never have dreamt of having a reason to visit South America but then I wasn't to to know that one of my sons would decide to marry there. Such are the changes in our global village. It has been nice to part of the happening scene.


HelĂ´Zanardi said...

Congratulations on the marriage of her son! The Rio de Janeiro is beautiful!
But it's the other side of the world!
A big hug,

RazzleDazzleQuilters said...

Thanks for sharing Rio with us. It all seems not so far away when we read your posts.



crazyquilter said...

It has been so good to be able to share this way and keep as ,any people as possible up to date regarding my travels.