Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chooks in action

Ever since the first day we brought them home our hens have been busy winning over our hearts and lives.

We brought them home in our car and gave them some pellets.  They fell on them with such enthusiasm you would have thought they hadn't eaten for a week.

They are very good at falling on fresh food with great enthusiasm - we have found that out, especially when we take them a selection of household scraps for breakfast each morning.  Our scraps are gourmet delights to them.
Even when we let them out to forage in the evening they still have an expectancy that we are there just for the sole purpose of giving them extra treats.

Once they get past that idea the foraging begins to happen.

Clara, the leader of the pack, loves Linda's rose garden and regular visits to give the root areas a good working over.

Zara prefers to take things more in style and loves to relax in the dust bath, tossing and turning to make the most of the dry earth that has resulted from our extended dry weather.

Goodness knows what they will do for a dust bath when the wet weather finally comes - maybe tomorrow.

We have settled into a daily routine with the hens and they are rewarding us with 4 eggs a day which is a nice amount for us.  We keep on thinking we will have a surplus but it has not really happened yet. 


Marissa said...

Aww sweet hens I wish I could raise those.. I am to afraid.. ha ha

kathyinozarks said...

enjoyed the update in the hen house-