Saturday, March 02, 2013

Time for a change

We are into the third year of meeting as the Sweet Peas sewing group.

For the first two years we celebrated birthdays by each giving the birthday girl a fat quarter of fabric in colours of her choice.

This year Linda came up with the idea of us making traditional quilting blocks for the birthday girl.

Linda did the research and found a selection of quilting blocks for us to choose from and most have made their choices already.

The first birthday belongs to Trish and she settled for a block called Sisters Choice.  Trish provided the background fabric, Linda gave a lesson on how to make the block and so it is up to us to do the rest using any colour we like except bright orange.

This particular block is 15 1/2 inches and so by the time we collect all nine of them Trish has the makings of quite a substantial quilt.

My birthday is not until December but I am already looking forward to getting mine.

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Nancy said...

I like this idea. How many blocks will each member receive for their birthday?