Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Domestic bliss

It was chilly first thing here today but then it cleared to the best of sunny autumn days.

From my bedroom window I looked out onto what seemed to me a scene of domestic bliss.

The hens were happily devouring the contents of their daily breakfast.

They have a regular diet of pellets and lots of clover grass but the contents of their breakfast dish is always looked forward to with great anticipation.

Any vegetable peelings from our meal preparations are chopped up and cooked for them along with any other left overs in the fridge that can be found.  Half a cup of oats, some water added and warmed through in the microwave and our hens can be kept happy for quite some time.

Seems our fridge does not have as much food stored in it these days - I wonder why?

Not too far away from the hens and in the full morning sun sat CiCi.

Her favourite spot of the moment in the mornings is here under the walnut tree.

It is almost as if she knows this bit of a sun haven will not last too long and she is making the most of it while she can.

Me, approaching with the camera, took away from her the sense of domestic bliss.  It was not long before she was up and away to some other sunny sport where neither I nor camera could disturb her.

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Shane Pollard said...

Lovely to see your little corner of "the good life" Peggy!
I've always wanted to have a few hens, there's something so pleasing about watching them scratching about in the garden for bugs!
Shane ♥