Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Retro Flower Power - Hottie Project

While Linda has been busy making a lovely collection of hottie covers from wool blankets I have been waylaid playing with fabric flowers to make just one.

It all started with Linda having a clean out of our hall cupboard.  Part of what needed tidying up was some scrappy pieces of batting.  I started by piecing them together so that we could have large pieces of batting for future quilts.

Then I came to some wool batting scraps - too small for piecing but large enough, I thought, to make batting for hottie covers.

That lead me to think about making some fabric flowers and the colours I chose were orange and yellow.

I then found this oriental style fabric in my stash.  Part of the design was vertical lines between the clusters of flowers.  I followed these lines to stitch and keep the wool batting in place.

I did not put any fabric flowers on the back of the hottie cover

but I did put them on the front.

Reminds me of the '70's, those orange and yellow flowers on a brown background.

If you would like to participate in anyway please take a look at:-

The Hottie Project


BigLittle said...

Wow! This is amazing! So inventive... Lisa x

Unknown said...

So bright it could wake you up in the morning. !!!

crazyquilter said...

Well, the idea was for it to be warm and comforting for sleeping, not for waking up - lol.

Cat said...

Very 70's !!
Love it
Thank you so much for your efforts for the hotty project

Nancy said...

Nice job - the flowers are perfect for that fabric.

jan said...

This is sew sew cute! I may have to get a new hot water bottle just so I can make a cover for it. great project to be involved with too!

Shay said...

Very cute and very retro!