Thursday, August 13, 2015

Life in Eccleshall

Linda and I have been very privileged to have had the use of a one bedroom bungalow during our time in Staffordshire.

Eccleshall, our local village is a delightful example of an historic English village.

As is the case with many of these villages there is usually a grand old church somewhere in the midst and the Holy Trinity is no exception:-

Home to a number of Bishops of Lichfield, there is even a tomb of one of them, William Overton, near the altar:-

The lighting was not right for me to capture the many beautiful stained glass windows in this building.

Like many of its kind the church has fallen into disrepair and been restored.  

There is a record in the church of the many grave stones and for those researching family history, it could be very useful.


margaret said...

I think you have seen more of the UK on your visit than I have seen! Love the thatched cottage too

Tired Teacher said...

Someday (hopefully next year) I'll visit England.

I love exploring old churches and cemeteries.