Thursday, August 27, 2015

Moving right along

Friends of ours are visiting England at the moment and the other day they blogged about their visit to Canterbury and the cathedral. 

Upon completing our house sitting assignment on Monday we have set out to travel across the south of England and one of the first places we visited was Canterbury Cathedral.

Well worth going to see.  

The intricate detail of the icons on the front of the cathedral, I found fascinating.

Indoors was extremely interesting with many areas set aside to honour the dead.

I was not able to get any good photos of the many stained glass panels.  Linda and I spent a considerable time indoors looking at the many facets of this wonderful place steeped in history. 

I wonder how many stories this door within the cathedral walls could tell?:-

After the Cathedral we did a bit of window shopping. We continue to see so many interesting buildings from a bygone era:-


Tired Teacher said...

I can't even imagine seeing buildings that were built in 1550 and older still being used - amazing!

Clare M said...

Thats a wonderful photo of that 1550 building as you look at the wee shops underneath and see how uneven everything. I guess we would all be a little crooked it we were born in Love your stories.

margaret said...

I did not realise Canterbury was similar to York and Chester with the old buildings, never visited it so good to see your photos. You will enjoy York Minster too if you make it up here

Jenny said...

It's such a wonderful historic city indeed - and as for the Cathedral - awe inspiring. Kiwis just love UK for all that wonderful history at every turn.
I remember that we ate fish'n'chips outside in the sunshine for lunch one of the days we were there. Just followed the lunch time crowds till we found the shop down a little side street!