Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Birmingham Quilt Show

In planning our extended holiday we were fortunate to be able to visit The Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon.

The same happened for us here in England with the biggest quilt show in England being hosted at the National Exhibiton Centre in Birmingham.

We travelled by car to Stafford and then caught the train to Birmingham International Railway Station which is attached to the Exhibiton centre.

The quilt show did not disappoint.  The hall was extra large, light and airy and the quilts were well hung with plenty of room in the aisles for viewing:-

The prize winning quilts were hung separately from the rest and such was the interest it was very hard to take a photo without someone being in the way.  I really loved the prize winning pictorial quilt which was a seascape but others like it too so they have been captured in my image:-

This stunning quilt is made up from miniature log cabin blocks and has 40,000 pieces.  I was not able to capture an image of the whole quilt:-

The quilt of the show got my attention as well.  The machine quilting really set it off. Again a photo of just a section of the quilt:-

All in all a great show.  I was so pleased we were able to take time out to be there.


Ali Honey said...

I have been enjoying your trip, along with you. What a great thing to be able to see such a large quilt show in UK. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels.

margaret said...

glad you enjoyed our biggest quilt show. So many lovely quilts, I was so impressed and loved the winner, that lovely scalloped edge just inside the binding amazed me Hoping you will make it to York