Monday, July 10, 2017

About four years ago.....

.....I was asked if I could make a memory quilt from a mix of baby garments.

Just recently the mother returned with a box or two of baby garments so that I could make her another quilt for her second son.

It was lovely to see how the first quilt has stood the test of time.  It did need a few little bits of stitching but on the whole it has taken up repeated washing extremely well.

I understand it is much loved by its young owner and pockets have been a favourite for hiding little toys etc.

If you go to this link you can see a young boy happily snuggled under his then new quilt.

This is my new pile of garments ready for the scissors.

It has been quite an exercise but it is all coming together and that is good.


margaret said...

what a fun quilt but presume there are all types of fabric in it have fun

Jenny said...

Such a fun idea for a quilt. It's going to look great, I'm sure.

Tired Teacher said...

Obviously, the mother was thrilled with the first quilt. I know you'll create another striking memory quilt for the second child.

Clare M said...

What a lovely gift to make Peggy. The new one will be loved just as much.