Thursday, July 13, 2017

Decisions to be made

Making a quilt from baby size garments requires decisions at every stage.

I have found that if the garment has been cut with enough 'room' then I can usually get enough for an 8.5" square that I can use for background pieces for most of the blocks.

Sometimes I may want to use fabric from the arm or leg of a garment and in this case I find cutting 4.5" squares and making them into 4 patch blocks can provide background fabric with just a little more interest.

The top right hand block has a four patch background.

The whale block - top right was the front of a garment and had to be cut on an angle to make it work.  Even then I will have to cover two of the corners with motifs to make it the size it needs to be.

The bottom left is from a newborn stretch and grow - a lovely outfit - I could not put all of the garment on the quilt so I selected a part which reflected what it was like.

These images are all from the creation process.  I placed them on the design board as I proceeded but lots of changes still to be made to come to the final get together of all the pieces.

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Tired Teacher said...

It's fun to see how you prepare and audition the pieces for this special quilt.