Thursday, July 20, 2017

Finishing touches

After piecing all the blocks together the quilt would not be complete without being machine quilted by my sister, Linda.

Echoing the shape of a fox garment gave the best finishing touch to this block.

This little whale is one of our favourites.

His/her water spout bears a strong resemblance to paisley shapes which are often used in quilting patterns.

This little boy is a real star in his family's life and Linda has given special emphasis to the stars in these blocks by echoing around them.

Maybe sometimes he might be a little monkey too?

He probably has the heart of a very brave lion!

Nearly finished now.


Tired Teacher said...

I can tell that you and Linda had fun making this memory quilt. The blocks are adorable.

Linda said...

Your quilt looks delightful. Linda's quilting is fabulous.

Jenny said...

It's looking great - Mum and the little one will be so pleased.