Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The same but different

When I embarked on this second memory quilt I wondered if there would be similar themes to the first quilt.

This image of Santa's little helper was one of my favourites in the first quilt, providing a happy memory of the Christmas theme.

I was pleased to see the Christmas theme had been repeated in the garments I received for the second quilt.

This one includes images of all of Santa's reindeer.

This baby hat for the first quilt was quite a challenge for me.

I was concerned that if I cut into the knit fabric it would all come to grief somewhere along the way but it has lasted the distance very well.

I did not feel quite so daunted when I saw a hat included this time.

Made from cotton I think this one should wear well too.

I left the bottom of the hats open on both quilts - something for little fingers to play with.

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Tired Teacher said...

I can imagine thei little boys' mom selecting the items for the quilt - precious memories for her as well.