Monday, July 31, 2017

Hazel and friends

I have been endeavouring to complete one set of blocks (there are 6 sets in total) per month in my quest to finish the Fancy Forest quilt top.

I seem to have fallen by the way a little but finally I have completed the 6 required for Hazel Hedgehog and her friends.

Mr Google tells me that a group of hedgehogs is called an 'array'
so here's my array of hedgehogs.

My challenge for August is to make 6 thistle blocks - I guess our Fancy Friends need some foliage to hide amongst.


margaret said...

never knew they were an array, mind you have not sen one hedgehog for a good few years never mind an array of them so cute

Tired Teacher said...

Look at the fabric and how perfect it is for these cute blocks! Did you find all of it in your stash?

Linda said...

Adorable hedgehogs. Love their winsome faces. I know you Kiwis aren't keen on hedgehogs imported into NZ but we Brits love them and are concerned their numbers are declining. So well done for your blocks.

Mystic Quilter said...

I can only go with what Linda says above, I miss seeing all the hedgehogs but we do usually have one or two in our garden up here in Auckland. I love hearing them snuffle around in the leaves late evening.