Sunday, August 18, 2019

Bucket list items

I never have considered myself to be a ‘bucket list’ person but paying a visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground came pretty close to that sort of thing for me.

Even though I had lived in Australia for 30 years I had never had the opportunity to go to this great venue of all things wonderful to Australian sports fans.

We were not there for cricket but for an Aussie Rules game.

Linda and I are pictured here with John, a long standing friend of our brother, Bob.

John and Bob being faithful Saints supporters we just had to wear the right colours for the day.

Another ‘bucket list’ item, if I had a bucket list.

I had always wanted to watch an Aussie Rules game.

I know nothing about the game but I enjoyed the whole show, the atmosphere, the crowd involvement  - it was just great.  Although this image gives the appearance of an empty stand, there were over 50,000 fans there and the roar of the crowd was all part of the fun of the day.

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Tired Teacher said...

Oooh, I love the photo of the three of you - what fun!