Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Under the eye of the needle

I have been absent from blog writing for over a year.

When I was last here I was writing about a quilt I was making called Forest Friends.

In the end I think it took me about thirteen months to create all the blocks for this quilt and then, finally, it went under the eye of Linda’s trusty machine quilting needle.

Once completed Hershey had to do the cat scan thing to give his full approval.

We had the pleasure of having the quilt hung in our lounge room for a few precious weeks.

It was one of my entries in our local quilt show and was given the Viewer’s Choice Award.

I have never won any sort of prize in a quilt show so this was quite exciting for me.


Tired Teacher said...

Congratulations on the well-deserved award! I remember your earlier posts about this quilt and thrilled to see it completed.

Jenny said...

Many congratulations on your award, such a thrill for you. Forest Friends looks wonderful.

Ali Honey said...

Well done indeed. Nice to see you posting again.