Thursday, August 29, 2019

What to say about Whitby

I actually think that Whitby, where we had a brief but good stay, stole a little bit of my heart.

Our hotel, The Saxonville, was not far from the northern beach and it did not take us long to walk there.

We were happy enough to look over the cliff edge at the activity below without the slightest intention of digging our toes in the sand. There were plenty of others doing that for us.

A bit more of a walk and then we came across the statue of Captain James Cook that looks out over the mouth of the River Esk and beyond over the North Sea.

The locals are very proud of their James Cook heritage and we took time out to visit the museum where he lived for some time while he learnt his craft as a sailor.

Looking across the Esk River you can see the remains of the Whitby Abbey predating Viking times.

Another prominent spot on the landscape are the 199 steps that lead to the Abbey and they also get frequent mention.

You can see the trail of people making their little pilgrimage to the site.

As for us, we found a local pub, had a glass of Guinness and caught the hop on/hop off bus which took us up and around there in style.

In spite of taking the easy option, we still managed to exceed 13,000 steps for our walking for the day.


Tired Teacher said...

A Guinness sounds more appealing that climbing all those stairs!

Unknown said...

Who counted the 13,000 steps?

Jenny said...

Thats a lovely photo of the colourful Whitby beach huts.