Thursday, January 12, 2023

A Day at the Shopping Mall

What is the significance of an empty coffee mug?  It is an indication that this was one of the nicest flat whites I have encountered on my travels.  Truly worth savouring.
Yesterday dawned cool, crisp with lovely clear blue skies.  It was enjoyable to take the morning commute with David into downtown Seattle so I could wander the shopping mall while he was at work.
 I had been looking for a cardigan and if I had seen one that I really, really likes I would have bought it.  This cardigan had so much bling it really didn’t fit my brief, even though my cousin, Helen, probably would have loved it.
Spotted in the Lego store.  My daughter-in-law, Lisa, loves doing Lego projects and she has this one as a work in progress at the moment.
Although I spend a pleasant time at the shopping mall they did not benefit from an economic boost from me except in the food department.  I bought a regular flat white and small savoury scone for NZ$16 and then a bottle of water with a small stir fry meal was NZ$23 - all up $39.00.  On the whole I have found food and groceries to be costly but probably because of our poor exchange rate with the USA at the moment.

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