Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Cricut Machine

 My daughter-in-law, Lisa, has long been interested in the Cricut machine.  Initially it was made as a scrapbooking aid but it has been extended to include working with fabrics so that opens up a whole new world.

Cricut have also developed a small weighted hot press which is super for ironing out creases in fabrics and for bonding fusible webbing.  The one Lisa owns is 9” x 9” but she tells me there is also a larger 12” x 12” press as well.
 Thanks to Fiona in our quilting group I was able to bring the image from our last raffle block of the year to use as an example.  Even lashed out and bought some fabric here so we could complete.
A few lessons in the hows of peel and stick appliqué and I have a couple of blocks to bring home.  Wasn’t sure what to do with them at first but then I realised they could be nice bright centres for the baby quilts I have been making lately.

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