Tuesday, January 03, 2023

A Last Get Together

 Knowing my departure was imminent, Rick and Hannah suggested one more outing for us to be together for the day. This time it was Tilgate Park near the town of Crawley.

It was a very cold wintery day but nevertheless the park was quite crowded with families and their dogs.  Aaron took Toby too.  No letting the dog off the lead - could lead to a fine of GBP1,000.  I have been very aware of the number of families with babies in prams - hasn’t seemed so obvious on previous trips so I wonder if there may be a post covid baby boom.

Such a popular spot in the middle of winter, I can’t imagine how many people might come in the summer months.

 When we were leaving the family spotted this hole in the wall dog wash, so Toby got to try it out.  Not sure if he enjoyed the process but he did come out nice and dry and clean.

It put me in mind of my visit to Brighton with Rick.  I didn’t take a picture at the time but there was a similar type set up but this one was for pizzas.  You could put your money in a slot, pick your pizza and voila, hot pizza would pop out for you.  Not my choice for food, but if you are desperate…………

Such are the different things you see on your travels.

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