Friday, January 06, 2023

Quilting Mayhem

 Quilting Mayhem is HUGE.
The photo captures about half of the building.  One third of the bottom floor (to the left) is dedicated to workshops.  To the right, two thirds is dedicated to being a quilt store.  If that wasn’t enough the whole of the top floor is dedicated to sewing machines of every shape and size including quilting frames.
 Fabric, fabric as far as they eye can see.
 Even more on the other side and lots down the middle too.  Can you believe I did not see any fabric that I HAD to take home?
A very good accessories area and I did do some shopping here - a left handed 6.5 inch square quilting ruler, a Creative Grids rotary cutter and some Clover pins as the right price.
Snohomish, where Quilting Mayhem is located is also full of antique malls.  I wandered through a few.  Sunbonnet Sue begging to go home.
 Who knew that Tupperware would ever end up in an Antique Mall.
Another candidate for The Repair Shop, maybe?

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