Thursday, October 23, 2008

Once again I decided to stay home again today and I did a repeat journey to the supermarket which gave me the opportunity to explore once again my local surroundings.

The first image is part of the walkway with fenced off swimming pool on the right and shows some of the established trees.

The second image is of one of the block of apartments, being typical of all the blocks here.

The surroundings really are very pleasant and the size of whole complex means no road traffic noise and peace and quiet.

Yesterday when I came home from the supermarket I managed to lose my way within the complex. There was a map of the complex at the front entrance and so I photographed it on my way out today and used it to check my way on return and it worked. I was able to use it on return and happily found my way home.

When David and Lisa returned from work for the day we went to a buffet style Japanese restaurant for dinner.

Lisa and her friend from work, Beth, share the same birthday, today, and we met at the restaurant with friends of Beth's and enjoyed a very nice dinner together.

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