Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today I opted to stay home for the day. I needed to sort out my belongings after being out and about for a few days and I thankfully found that in spite of what seemed like a lot of buying I can still comfortably fit everything into my suitcase. However, I do realise the holiday is still in early days and so more purchases could yet be acquired.

Part of the reason for staying home was to cook dinner for the family, a long time favourite of David's, fried rice. To enable this I needed to walk to the local supermarket - about half a mile away, to buy the necessary ingredients for the meal.

When I was at the shopping centre yesterday I asked for directions to a shop and was told I needed to take my car (which I don't have and couldn't drive if I did) but when I explored further I found that the shop was not more than 5 minutes away so to say that I was going to walk to the supermarket today would be the exception for most people and not the norm.

I was quite happy to be doing this as it has given me a better sense of my bearings. The day was beautiful, clear blue skies and 20 degrees or more and so very pleasant.

David and Lisa live in a very large gated community and towards the back of the complex so I had quite a long walk through the various dwellings before getting to the main road. Somewhere towards the centre there is a fenced and gated swimming pool, an amenities room and a fitness centre. The property has paths throughout, lots of well established trees and gardens.

The photos in today's blog are of an apricot rose on a bush near the entrance way. I saw quite a lot of rose bushes today. They are coming towards the end of the season but nice to look at nonetheless.

I also saw squirrels from time to time - a pest in this part of the world but always a source of fascination to me. I must have seen them romanticised in too many books when I was a child, I think.

So, the trip to the supermarket was successful and dinner too and well received.

When Jackson came home from day care we had play mat time and had a lot of fun crashing trains into each other along the train track.

I still did not achieve all that I wanted to at home today so I may well spend another day indoors tomorrow.

We go out tomorrow night to celebrate Lisa's birthday and that of a workmate as well.

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