Sunday, October 19, 2008

San Francisco destination achieved safely. I must be travelling too much lately. All airports seem to be getting a 'sameness' about them and I had trouble focussing on where I really was.

The Customs process was plain sailing as was the collection of baggage and in no time at all I was through.

David was there to meet me and all too soon we were on the freeway heading out of downtown San Francisco.

He suggested we go and have some lunch at Google, in one of the 20 restaurants supplied for staff so that is what we did.

The whole of the Google 'campus' covered several blocks and where we stopped for lunch looked very much like a college campus.

I had to be signed in as a guest to Google and we went to 'Pure Ingredients' for lunch. David said this particular restaurant prides itself on only fresh ingredients and the lunch was very nice. Everything was buffet style and so you could help yourself to whatever you wanted. There was quite a smorgasbord of delights and probably the thing I enjoyed the most was the Peppered Veal - nice bite size pieces, tender, juicy and peppery - delicious!

When I was at San Francisco airport I noticed in the ladies that they supplied brown, recycled paper hand towels - hmmmmmmmm, clean and green, I thought. Same at Google, the serviettes are brown, recycled paper - clean and green at Google as well.

Such trivial notations on an overseas trip - strange the things you notice along the way.


Cherie said...

Well I never comments coming though could it be the Google connection ;) How marvellous to have seen inside the googlearium, you must be so proud. Keep having fun ;)xo

crazyquilter said...

Fun is very much on the agenda. We are planning to go to down town San Francisco today so photos need to happen for the next blog update.