Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Early days in Seattle

My blog journey started in December 2005 when I visited with David and his bride, Lisa, in their home in Lewisville, Dallas.

With the approach of Christmas I was rather intrigued with the number of blow up theme items that decorated the neighbors' gardens.

Yesterday, upon arriving in Seattle I felt like I had gone full circle when I saw this lawn decoration of Pilgrims for Thanksgiving.

Oh the memories all the little things that are different from regular life give us.

Probably the comparisons that come to me on this visit are more the differences between Dallas and Seattle rather than between the United States and New Zealand.

Dallas is pretty well flat - not too many hills found in those parts.

Quite different in parts of Seattle and whilst this picture does not fully reflect this, the road is quite steep with an equally steep incline on the other side.

You might notice a touch of autumn in the color of the trees and from the leaves under the trees.

I am really enjoying being back in Seattle.  I was only here overnight a few years ago.  I had hoped I might have the chance to return and find it hard to believe it has actually happened.

Nice to think I will be here for three weeks to absorb all that there is here for me.

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Nancy said...

The blow-up decorations are common in my area - for ALL holidays. Can you tell I'm not a fan?

Please share your explorations of Seattle. I've been there once but only briefly.