Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I actually did some crazy quilting

Been a while, but yes, I actually did a bit of crazy quilting recently.

I wrote about our secret project recently and tomorrow is revealing day.

It has finally progressed from quilt top to being machine quilted, bound and label in place.

Embellishments have also been added where appropriate.

We are amazed and pleased with the outcome and feel sure you will be impressed to when we let you see more images.

This is a group project and participants were asked to make this particular block in colours of their choice.

No surprise that I should have made one in autumn colours.  I pieced it crazy quilt style and Linda did stitch in the ditch for me when she machine quilted the block to give it texture.  I added stitching, sequins, hand dyed motifs and a cameo I just happened to find in my stash.

Been a while since I have done some crazy quilting and I'm happy to say I was pleased with the outcome.

I am looking forward to posting the image of the finished quilt once it has been presented to the recipient.

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Life at Still Woods said...

Beautiful! I went to a museum that had a delightful collection of crazy quilts and have been a fan every since.