Friday, November 16, 2012

Snoqualmie Falls

Yesterday David and I went to Snoqualmie Falls which is a place of interest for tourist and locals.

The drive there was very pleasant with interesting terrain, trees, mountains and lake views along the way.

The weather was drizzly but we made the most of the day.

When we arrived I took this photo but it only revealed part of the falls.  David suggested we move along the walkway to get a better photo of the whole of the falls but when we got there it was so misty this was the best I could do.

Apparently in the summer months the place is awash with visitors but there was only us and two others to share what could be seen.

My first thought was of hydro-electric power and was the water being harnessed.  I turned around and there was a wall panel describing exactly this and how proud the State of Washington is to be using this type of renewable energy.

From here we wandered back to the small township of Snoqualmie to have a look at what was available.

On our way we saw this grand old train which is one of the ways of going to see the falls.  I did not see it in action but David said last time they were there they took the ride.

Across the road and back to the shops.  It was Tuesday and not much happening in a tourist town.  There was an old curiosity shop which I was curious to have a look in, but no, they close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We walked a bit further and came across this 'quaint' thrift store.

I just love the rocking chair look out the front.

We did go inside and have a good look around.  Everything was very well presented, clean and tidy but the prices were a little high so we left without making a purchase.

Eating choices were minimal but we had seen a cafe that offered home style meals and so we
opted to go there.

As curious as I was about the curiosity shop I was even more curious when I went to the ladies wash room and there by the wash basin was a stocked wine rack ready with glasses for drinking.  What was going on here?

Maybe if I had inspected closer I may have found the bottles to be empty but even so why locate this in the ladies wash room?

Leaving that behind I returned to our table and was pleasantly surprised to see David had ordered tea and it had been served to him in a pot.  Most unusual for this part of the world, I thought.

I had not had any tea since arriving in Seattle but the thought of tea served in a pot was enough for me to decide to do the same and I thought the teapot my tea was served in was very cute.

The tea was good. 

Apart from one other we were the only customers and we enjoyed a quiet, leisurely lunch with good food.  The drive home was pleasant and made even more so with the sun breaking through for the first time - yes, they do have lovely blue skies in Seattle.


Nancy said...

Your outing looks like a lot of fun.

I frequently order tea in restaurants, but it has never been served in an actual tea pot. Normally, I am given a small carafe of tepid water and a tea bag. I prefer to have very hot water for my tea.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Wow a real cup of tea!!! Too nice

Cherie said...

Beautiful post, Thank You Peggy ;)