Saturday, November 10, 2012

The flowers that bloom in the spring

The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la,
Breathe promise of merry sunshine —
As we merrily dance and we sing tra la,
We welcome the hope that they bring

Gilbert & Sullivan - The Mikado

I probably think of these lines from The Mikado every new spring season when the different flowers start to bloom.

Claudia from Mockingbird Hill has once again invited participation in her 'Favourite Things' Saturdays and what could be more favourite than having poppies growing in your own garden.

These ones are particularly special because of their unusual apricot colourings with soft yellow centres.  The petals have folds in them like concertinas and that adds to their specialness. I can spy them from my bedroom window and watch their progress and that is rewarding too.

Thanks, Claudia, I look forward to linking up with other bloggers this way.


Susy said...

That's our state flower and always a favorite. The handwork in your header is gorgeous too.

Susan in SC said...

I think poppies are such sweet flowers. These are beautiful! I can see why you love them.

debra said...

I usually only see the orange variety...these are exquisite!

Diane said...

Ever watch "The Dick Van Dyke Show?" He sang an alternate version: " The crabgrass that bloom's in the spring, tra, la, all grows on my New Rochelle lawn." Ha, ha... Lovely flowers!

Life at Still Woods said...

Hi Crazy Quilter! I am visiting from A Favorite Thing Saturday. The poppies are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Would love for you to stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit! I am following you now and look forward to reading more of your blog.
Blessings from Still Woods

Claudia said...

These are so pretty! I'm craving flowers since our trees up in the Northern Hemisphere are now bare.

I was in The Mikado many years ago and played Katisha. It remains one of my favorite G & S operettas.

Thanks so much for joining in this week!


Susan Freeman said...

Very pretty flowers! I love the music from the Mikado!!

Susan and Bentley

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The ribbonwork in your header is gorgeous! Lovely flowers -- this is our growing season, the only time it's not too hot for flowers to bloom. Have a wonderful day. Tammy