Sunday, November 18, 2012

Toffee Apples - lovely to look at

Yesterday David and I went to the Seattle CBD and spent a leisurely time at Pike Place Markets.

Before we even got to the market I found this store totally dedicated to toffee apples of every type imaginable.

I think if I bought a toffee apple like this I would not be able to get past the glorious topping - the apple would go to waste.
If the first selection was not decadent enough how about this chocolate delight?

I have to say I was happy to look not touch and move right along to Pike Place

where we saw the most unusual cauliflowers I have ever seen - and at US$7.00 each I hope they would be worth the price.

What about elephant garlic?

These were the size of extra large onions.

I wonder if the flavour would be as good their smaller cousins?

I was not the only one taking photos of these vegetables.  I could see others were intrigued too.

Fish vendors were there as well with handsome fare from the Pacific.  A salmon lovers heaven. David and I had a very nice lunch at a seafood restaurant which boasted sea views from every table.  Great food in very pleasant surroundings.

Pike Place markets abounded with food, craft and souvenir stalls of every type imaginable.  We were there on a Friday and it was quite busy.  I think I would be happy to leave the weekends for the many tourists I am sure would be there.

My first spotting of snow capped mountains, I think in the Olympic National Park.  Just a little reminder of those mountains I left behind way back in New Zealand.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

oh, glad to hear you have seen some mountains!


Nancy said...

Mountains make the heart sing!

You are having some wonderful adventures with David.