Monday, November 26, 2012

Tacoma and the Museum of Glass

Yesterday we had a family outing to Tacoma and the Museum of Glass.

First, though, we took time out for a family breakfast.  What better to entertain a child while you are waiting for the food to arrive than a tablet.

Jackson is intent on explaining to James the intricacies of the latest game he wants to play.

On to Tacoma and the Museum of Glass.

We were in time to watch glass blowing happening at one of the regular workshops they have.

In addition a fascinating gallery with some amazing glass creations on display.

Not to mention the shop with more amazing bits and pieces on display and for sale including this Christmas trees adorned with beautifully created glass baubles.

Outside there is a walk across the Glass Bridge.

I had envisaged walking on glass but not quite.

Along one side of part of the bridge - glass panels enclosing a myriad of beautiful glass ornaments.

Further along the bridge there was these overhead panels encasing literally hundreds of glass sculptures in all shapes, sizes and colors in a seascape theme.

Thanks to David and Lisa for creating the opportunity to share this lovely exhibition.

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