Sunday, March 17, 2013

One block, many variations

At our last meeting of Taupo Quiltmakers they announced the return of raffle blocks.

Raffle blocks is one of my favourite activities of the group.

A pattern for a block is issued by the club along with colour options.

In this case the block is Jacobs Ladder and we were asked to do brown and cream blocks.

You can do just one block if you choose or as many as you like.  Your name goes in the hat for each block made and the person who's name is drawn out gets to take home all of the blocks.  Sometimes they have so many blocks returned they do two draws.

On this occasion I have made 4 blocks and have been playing with variations on a theme.  Sure would love to win the blocks so I could play some more.  Of course, I could just make some anyway, but receiving a whole batch ready made somehow seems more appealing.

I have been the lucky recipient of these blocks before.  We had the disappearing nine patch blocks and these lovely blue and white blocks.


Nancy said...

Good-looking blocks. This is a great idea for a group activity.

Rielly Family said...

I am VERY impressed Peggy ... I just may be won over to loving blocks yet!!