Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back to autumn colours

Late this afternoon I hung this quilt top up for a photo shoot.

Normally I would crop the background but somehow the colours of the quilt top seemed to make friends with the wintery background.

At the end of May I was given a bag full of quilting remnants. 

A lot of autumn colours and plaids included.  Favourite colours but I was not sure about how to use the plaids.

Linda pointed out a quilt that she had seen on the internet and somehow it seemed the perfect project for the fabrics.  Seven Shirts, Seven Steps was originally designed as a way of making repurposed men's shirts into quilts.  I decided to use the plaids and combine them with other autumn fabrics from the collection.

Very happy with the outcome.  Another masculine theme quilt top to my way of thinking.

No home for this one yet but I am sure that one will be found.
The top has been 'cat scanned' so it must have been approved for ownership.

P.S.  Plenty of fabric left from this selection to make maybe two or three more quilts.

Time to look for more ideas that might work for me.


jan said...

Oh i love plaid in a quilt, but haven't tried it yet. This is a great pattern.

Nancy said...

Another wonderful finish.

I like plaids but don't have a lot of them. It might be time to go thrifting.

Shay said...

This design really works well for those fabrics and colours. I like working to make a quilt out of scraps ,leftovers and donations. There's something thrilling about making something out of stuff that might not have otherwise been used.

One of the quilts Im working on at the moment uses recycled shirts ...

Vicki said...

And happy you should be! It is gorgeous. I am glad that you didn't crop it, it is fun to see where people live!