Monday, July 01, 2013

Crisp and Clear

One of our Sweet Pea ladies saw a quilt top that I had made and wanted to make the same design using cupcake theme fabric.

I offered to cut out the pieces for her which I did today and then made up a sample block for her to follow.  The fabrics look crispy and clear and I think she will enjoy the easy piecing process.


Unknown said...

Both Amelia and Stephanie Antony's girls love cupcakes.
Have the stands the aprons the fancy pattie pans etc.

jan said...

This is too cute and it was VERY nice of you to cut it out and sew up a sample . You are a good friend!

Shay said...

So cute and easy to put together. Im sure she'll love making this one .

Arent you an angel for doing the cutting!

Vicki said...

I think it is very generous of you to cut the pieces for this young lady! It is very, very cute.