Sunday, August 02, 2015

Looking for coffee

Looking for take away coffee before 9am on a Saturday in Montmartre can be a challenge.

Lisa and I set out this morning aided by Mr Google for an uphill climb 300 meters away to the nearest cafe.

300 meters can seem much longer when it is all up hill.  We stayed with the challenge - no people about, just a lonely runner making his way up the hill beside us.

This unusual statue got our attention:-

The challenge for coffee was still ahead and so we continued up the hill.

There did not seem to be any sign of a coffee shop anywhere and then suddenly the hill leveled out and there was our coffee place:-

Success! Purchases were made and down the hill we went again coffees in hand.

Another day in Paris had begun.


Tired Teacher said...

I love that sculpture - too bad someone felt the need to deface the rock wall beside it.

Enjoy your day.

Jenny said...

You can't start the day without a good coffee! But why didn't you go up the hill on the funicular?