Monday, June 06, 2016

A quilt for a grand daughter

Resting on my bed for the moment, a quilt for my grand daughter, Anna-Clara in London.

Last year I took only a cabin luggage size suitcase with me on my travels.  I plan to do the same this time so it will be a little bit of a challenge fitting this quilt in with my belongings.

This quilt has been a while in the making.

Two years ago our Sweet Peas group embarked on a row by row quilt.  We each selected our own theme and colors and then each member made a row.  At the end of the year your rows came back to you to make up.  Some of us took longer than others to piece them together.  I was one of those.
Being the star that she is, sister Linda made a row of stars.

Margaret made some lovely hearts in her row and Linda did some individualized quilting for each row.

I enclosed fairy fabric for members to use but some added more from their stash, like this one from Moira.

I added some strips with more featured fairies.

Linda helped me find some suitable border fabric and with some pretty amazing quilting on her part I am far more pleased with the result than I thought possible.

Just for fun, I found a larger panel strip of harlequin clowns and was able to use that for the backing.

Now to to fit the quilt into my baggage. I may have to provide photographic evidence that it is possible.


Jenny said...

So pretty - your little grand-daughter will love her fairy quilt!!

Tired Teacher said...

It's adorable, and she is going to squeal with delight!

With your packing prowess, I have no doubt that you can make it fit in your bag.

margaret said...

what a lovely quilt for you granddaughter so many interesting fabrics with the flower fairies etc and the backing is wonderful. Best of luck getting it into the case, means you van have a spend this time as you will have room in the case when coming back home!